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Level and Decreasing Life Insurance for Mortgage and Family Protection

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  • Free Will worth £150 with every policy*
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Critical Illness Cover will pay out upon diagnosis of a critical illness

  • Up to 25% cheaper than going direct*
  • Free Will worth £150 with every policy*
  • 5 Star TrustPilot Rating

Whole of life policies cover funeral arrangements, inheritance and tax bills

  • Up to 25% cheaper than going direct*
  • Free Will worth £150 with every policy*
  • 5 Star TrustPilot Rating

Over 50's plans are suitable for people with pre-existing medical conditions

  • Up to 25% cheaper than going direct*
  • Free Will worth £150 with every policy*
  • 5 Star TrustPilot Rating

Industry News

What are your employee benefits?
11th February, 2019

Employee benefits such as insurance products are not being communicated properly, according to research from Canada Life. But modern businesses do have a much better attitude to wellbeing than previous generations!
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One in 14 claim for mental health
4th February, 2019

Income protection provider Holloway Friendly has revealed that mental health continues to figure heavily in claims for absence from work.
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How much do you spend on wellbeing products?
28th January, 2019

UK employees were asked how much they spent on their wellbeing, millennials spent more double the average figure (£380) on looking after their mental and physical wellness compared to other generations.
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Are you ignoring symptoms of cancer?
14th January, 2019

Research by Bupa has found that a quarter of UK employees (4.7m people) are too embarrassed to seek advice from a doctor when experiencing certain cancer symptoms
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Workers’ health not top priority for employers
9th January, 2019

A survey of UK employers has found that bosses concern themselves more with issues such as economic uncertainty, financial impacts, and changes in technology, more than they do employee wellbeing and health.
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What is the cost of looking after parents?
3rd January, 2019

If you currently bear the burden of looking after both your children and your parents at the same time, you are part of the ‘sandwich generation’.
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Are you thinking about your heirs?
4th December, 2018

Research from provider Zurich has suggested that not enough is being done to help protect those that are set to inherit wealth from their parents.
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How much does critical illness cost the UK economy?
30th November, 2018

The financial impact of critical illness on an individual is clear, but a new Cost of Critical Illness report from Legal and General has shown just how much critical illness costs the UK economy as a whole.
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Are you ready for the probate fee hike?
26th November, 2018

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has confirmed the planned increase for England and Wales, by moving from a flat probate fee of £215 (£155 through a solicitor), to a tier-based system.
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Vitality makes Apple Watch 4 available to members
19th November, 2018

As part of the successful partnership between Apple Watch and Vitality Active Rewards, members will now have access to the new Apple Watch 4 from as little as £99.
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Would you buy life insurance from a bank?
13th November, 2018

A survey of people’s attitudes towards life insurance has found that a third would consider purchasing their life insurance through their bank.
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Breast Cancer still most common cause for critical illness claims
5th November, 2018

Aegon has released its claim statistics for 2017, with breast cancer unsurprisingly remaining the biggest cause for claims in the UK.
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Are you worried about Pension Poverty?
31st October, 2018

A Financial Futures report from the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) has highlighted that women are more vulnerable to financial insecurity in later life compared to men.
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Do you know your health risk?
22nd October, 2018

To help people better understand the risks of ill health and poor lifestyle choices, as well as the importance of cover, Vitality have launched a new online Risk Calculator.
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Would you go to work ill?
16th October, 2018

Research from Canada Life has also indicated that up to 28 million employees are likely to be going into work ill every year.
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Would your family cope without a will?
11th October, 2018

A survey of 3,000 workers has found that most UK adults are taking risks without a will in place, with more than a quarter admitting to having ‘no idea’ how their family would deal with finances without them.
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What would a loss of income mean to you?
8th October, 2018

Zurich has found that over half of UK adults have taken extended unplanned leave due to illness and injury. Despite this, the research found that people still do not have the financial back up in case it happens again.
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Are you part of the sandwich generation?
1st October, 2018

If you are facing the financial challenge of looking after both your children and elderly relatives, then you are part of what is being called ‘the sandwich generation’.
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Over half prefer monthly payouts to lump sum
20th September, 2018

Aegon has found that 58% of people would rather have the option of a monthly payment than a lump sum when policies are paid out
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More support needed for children’s cancer
17th September, 2018

According to nurse service RedArc, parents of child cancer patients are currently facing additional bills of £600 per month, on top of the emotional struggle of dealing with the situation.
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Is your heart older than you?
12th September, 2018

An online test from Public Health England (PHE) has found that 80% of people have a ‘heart age’ older than their actual age, putting them at an increased risk of premature death by heart attack or stroke.
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Do you have a financial safety net?
10th September, 2018

A new report from insurance provider Aegon has revealed that over 35 million people in the UK have no sort of financial safety net in place.
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Would you know how to check for cancer?
5th September, 2018

Bupa UK has revealed as many as 42% of people are still confused about what to look for when checking for common cancers such as skin, bowel, and lung.
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UK life expectancy rate slows
21st August, 2018

A recent report from the Office of National Statistics has revealed that the improvements to mortality rates have now slowed for those aged between 55 and 89 years.
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Aegon highlight skin cancer stats
17th August, 2018

At the height of summer during a particularly warm period in the UK, provider Aegon is highlighting the importance of taking care in the sun after revealing their claim stats for 2017.
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Aegon highlight skin cancer stats
17th August, 2018

At the height of summer during a particularly warm period in the UK, provider Aegon is highlighting the importance of taking care in the sun after revealing their claim stats for 2017.
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AIG Life simplifies definitions and increases pay-outs
13th August, 2018

Over 40 improvements have been made to AIG Life’s critical illness offering. This includes an expansion of medical conditions, a simplification of definitions, and increased payment levels for customers.
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Aviva ask the protection industry for more transparency
8th August, 2018

Aviva is asking the industry to do more to destroy protection myths. This follows the provider’s recent Claims Report that showed that 96% of all claims in the UK had been accepted
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Employees want more support for later-life working
23rd July, 2018

Over a third of employees are now happy to work beyond the age of 65. This figure has doubled in just the last three years, which shows general attitudes are changing towards retirement age.
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Diabetes Life Cover now available from Royal London
11th July, 2018

Royal London has announced the full market launch of diabetes life cover through advisers. After piloting the scheme and receiving positive feedback, the leading provider has worked alongside advisers to shape the final product to best suit clients.
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VitalityLife gives £60m back to customers
21st June, 2018

VitalityLife has released its Claims and Benefits Report for 2017, revealing an impressive return for customers. The provider announced that £36.1 million worth of claims was paid out through serious illness cover (SIC), life, and income protection
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AIG now able to insure cancer survivors
5th June, 2018

After the news that AIG now deliver immediate life insurance decisions for cancer, they will now provide cover for cancer survivors under YourLife Income Protection and their Critical Illness Cover policy.
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Scottish Widows reveals an impressive 2017 for claims
23rd May, 2018

Scottish Widows have been proud to announce a claim success rate for life cover of 98.99% in 2017, nearly a whole percentage point above the ABI’s reported average of 98%.
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Exeter Income Protection now covers type 2 diabetes
21st May, 2018

The Exeter offers a Managed Life product, which provides reactive life cover for those suffering with type 2 diabetes. The good news is that they now cover type 2 diabetes as part of their extended income protection offering as well.
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Two-thirds of stroke victims are of working age
14th May, 2018

It may come as a surprise, but a new report from RedArc has revealed that the majority of stroke victims are not retirees, but of working age. In fact, a full 60% of those that suffered a stroke were aged between 40-59 years.
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Another record breaking year for protection
11th May, 2018

A total of £5bn in claims was paid in 2017, according to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Group Risk Development. This sets another record breaking year for payouts, an increase of over £340m on 2016.
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Record-breaking protection sales
30th April, 2018

This is a record-breaking quarter for critical illness, life insurance, income protection, and multi-benefit products. The data was compiled using click-through rates, all the way to the provider applications.
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Critical Illness Extra now available from Legal and General
24th April, 2018

A new upgrade named Critical Illness Extra (CIx) has now been launched by Legal and General. The option is only available through intermediaries, allowing advisers to offer clients a more extensive Critical Illness Cover. Call us for details!
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Royal London launch new funeral plan
16th April, 2018

Provider Royal London has announced the launch of a new pre-paid funeral plan to cover the costs of fees for funeral directors, coffin, service, limousine, as well as the cost of the cremation or burial itself.
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Aviva offer new mental health service
12th April, 2018

Available to all policyholders of Aviva’s private health insurance product Optimum, the new plan will give customers access to a dedicated case manager and a self-referral helpline, which avoids the wait for GP availability.
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Providers unveil impressive claim statistics
10th April, 2018

It’s that time of year again when providers release their claims data. A number of providers have surpassed their previous records, with Old Mutual Wealth recording a 100% record on life claim payouts for the eighth year running.
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Mental health a rising reason for absence
3rd April, 2018

Just over 3 in 10 workers in the UK miss work due to mental health, according to the NHS. A study also revealed that under a quarter of managers has had the adequate training to deal with and discuss mental health with their employees.
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Aviva revises Relevant Life cover
27th March, 2018

To reassure customers and ensure transparency, Aviva has replaced the critical illness cover with a new “employee significant illness cover”.
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AIG ask the industry to tell more stories
22nd March, 2018

Statistics can help to inform customers about the reliability and necessity of cover, but it is often stories that have the biggest impact.
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Royal London offers serious illness benefit
19th March, 2018

There are many barriers to buying serious or critical illness cover, with the most common one being the complexity of the product. This makes talking to an adviser even more important and valuable when making plans about protection.
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Marriage age increase puts focus on financial planning
13th March, 2018

People getting married later in life has highlighted the importance of financial advice for couples. Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that the average age for marriage has increased from 35 to 37.5.
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Majority of mums unprotected
8th March, 2018

Majority of mums are unprotected against financial shocks. 60% of women with dependent children have no life cover in place, with only 13% having taken out a critical illness policy.
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£100bn could be lost to lack of trusts
5th March, 2018

A lack of awareness on the benefits of writing a life policy into trust could cost UK customers up to £100bn in inheritance tax bills. Research by Legal and General found that as many as 40% of life insurance customers had not even heard of writing
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More people want healthy behaviour to reduce premiums
2nd March, 2018

A survey of 1,000 PMI policyholders by provider Vitality revealed that over half want healthy behaviour to bring down the cost of their premiums. Over three quarters also felt that improved physical activity should reduce policy costs.
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Family businesses left open to risk
26th February, 2018

A key person such as a business owner is an integral part of a business. 57% of those asked admitted they would likely cease trading within a year of the owner’s death, with a quarter shutting down immediately.
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Chancellor calls for Inheritance Tax review
22nd February, 2018

Mr Hammond told the OTS that the current system in which IHT works is too complex and needs to be reviewed. He wants the OTS to ensure the system is fit for purpose, and works as efficiently as possible for those that use it.
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Providers encouraged to expand cancer care
20th February, 2018

Experts are calling on the industry to do even more to go above and beyond the financial protection of cancer cover. February 4th saw World Cancer Day put the focus back on the emotional and physical strain of living with cancer
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Royal London improves critical illness cover for children
15th February, 2018

Up until now, customers of Royal London would have children’s critical illness cover included automatically with their policy. But parents can now choose between “no cover”, “standard cover” and “enhanced cover” for their children.
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Too many SMEs rely on unprotected loans
5th February, 2018

Research by Mutual Wealth has revealed that nearly half of Small to Medium Businesses are relying on unprotected debts. 48% are currently using loans and personal savings to ensure funding for their business
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Vitality hand out £63m worth of additional value
1st February, 2018

Health-focused life cover provider Vitality has revealed their figures for 2017. In the 12 months between July 2016 and June 2017, Vitality provided policyholders with £63m worth of additional reward benefits.
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DINOs in danger of financial shocks
26th January, 2018

3.2 million couples, otherwise known as “double income, no option”, or DINOs, are vulnerable to financial shocks. If either one of them lost their income with no cover in place, they could be open to financial ruin
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Royal London joins forces with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank
15th January, 2018

A new partnership has been formed between provider Royal London, and Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, to bring even more customers access to Over 50s Life Cover.
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Households rely on two incomes
8th January, 2018

Over 3.2 million working couples are currently relying on both incomes to pay the bills. Millions of couples have seen their financial security worsen in the last two years, and would struggle to cope if they lost one of their incomes.
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Parents advised to take out protection
4th January, 2018

People often take out cover based on the question “what if something was to happen to me?” But experts are advising parents to also consider the question of “what if something happened to my children?”
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Phone the preferred choice for Aegon claims
15th December, 2017

Research by provider Aegon has revealed that the majority of their customers that make a claim on their critical illness policy do so over the phone, rather than filling in the traditional paper form themselves by hand.
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Legal and General update critical illness policy
11th December, 2017

Legal and General have updated their critical illness proposition by introducing a new range of additional support.
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AIG reveal Instant Life offering
7th December, 2017

AIG Life has launched a level term insurance plan with an application time of less than eight minutes.
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Provider Vitality supports parkrun volunteers
4th December, 2017

Vitality Life has introduced a new reward programme for parkrun volunteers. The Vitality Volunteer Reward Programme has been created to recognise those who take time out of their Saturdays to support local events.
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Royal London develops signature free consent form
30th November, 2017

Making the claims process quick and easy is something all providers aim for. It is a difficult time as it is, without the added stress of delays. That is why provider Royal London has announced the launch of an electronic signature solution.
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AIG launch Over Fifties Life Plan
21st November, 2017

AIG Life has launched a new guaranteed over 50's plan, including discounts for non smokers, protected benefits, Best Doctors and online Trust writing. Call us for a quote and take advantage of our free will writing service.
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New Trust rules add complexity
13th November, 2017

Putting a life policy into Trust is generally a good idea. Not only does it ensure that single life policies are not held up in probate, it can also mean avoiding inheritance tax.
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The real cost of mental health
6th November, 2017

A new government-commissioned report has found that both the stigma of mental health and the challenges associated with dealing with it, is costing UK employers as much as £42bn each year.
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Introducing ‘Vitality Lite’
2nd November, 2017

Vitality has launched a new, more affordable life insurance cover option, featuring much lower monthly premiums. Depending on the type of policy, Vitality Lite reduces premiums to £8 or £10, significantly lower than the previous minimum of £30
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Aviva Introduce Living Costs Protection
30th October, 2017

Living Costs Protection has been designed to be a simplified and more affordable option for consumers needing to protect their income.
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Experts call for more protection for millennials
23rd October, 2017

Protection experts are calling on the industry to do more to protect millennials. Although associated with young people, this group of 20 and 30-somethings are in fact working adults who are likely struggling to save for that deposit on a dream home.
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Royal London makes key changes to critical illness
19th October, 2017

Royal London have improved their critical illlnes and made it an option for customers to add Total Permanent Disability (TPD) to their critical illness policy. Customers that choose to opt out of adding TPD, will receive a premium discount.
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AIG Life speed up application process
17th October, 2017

Leading provider AIG Life have made some key changes to their underwriting process, to ensure that customers are given the most efficient application process possible
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The Exeter set to help those with existing health complications
13th October, 2017

Customers with impaired lives often have existing health conditions that can make it difficult to obtain life insurance, as this is deemed too high a risk. The Exeter are looking to help these same people find cover.
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Disney joins forces with Vitality
9th October, 2017

Vitality have now joined forces with corporate giant Disney, to encourage families and young people to be active and to live a healthier lifestyle.
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Shining the light on World Heart Day
3rd October, 2017

World Heart Day is one of the biggest platforms available to help raise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD is currently the cause of over a quarter of all deaths in the UK and the second-largest reason for life cover claims
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Aviva doubles child critical illness cancer payout
20th September, 2017

Aviva customers with a child diagnosed with cancer can now claim up to £50,000, twice the previous maximum of £25,000. This is to support customers through a very difficult time and give them the best financial base in which to look after their chi
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Self-employed vulnerable to financial shocks
11th September, 2017

Self-employed workers are vulnerable to financial shocks due to a lack of adequate savings. Nearly two million self-employed in the UK do not have the required buffer in savings, to ensure if unable to work that they can still maintain their bills
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Underestimating the cost of elderly care
7th September, 2017

Scottish Widows has found that people in the UK are underestimating the cost of elderly care by as much as £7bn a year.
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Aviva helps to cover funeral costs
5th September, 2017

As part of their commitment to the Protection Distributer Group’s funeral pledge, Aviva has increased its advanced payments on life insurance to £11k, to help loved ones cover the cost of funerals and other expenses.
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Plugging the social care gap
24th August, 2017

Experts are suggesting that life insurance options may be the key to supporting those in care later in life.
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More evidence of claim reliability
22nd August, 2017

Aegon paid 95% of individual critical illness and 98% of life claims in the first six months of 2017.
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Annual protection statements on the rise
18th August, 2017

Royal London has launched their annual protection plan statements to customers. They join AIG Life, Old Mutual Wealth, Zurich, Vitality and Scottish Widows in providing these annual statements to policyholders.
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Another provider joins the funeral pledge
11th August, 2017

Income protection provider British Friendly has joined other insurers in signing on to the Protection Distributor Group's funeral payment pledge, and has already paid its first claim.
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Employees face dire straits in the event of ill-health
24th July, 2017

1,000 employees around the UK were asked about what cover they had in place in the event of ill health. The results revealed that 37% of those interviewed, said that they simply would not be able to pay their bills if struck down with illness.
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Financial pressures hit those with critical illness the hardest
24th July, 2017

Royal London has revealed that just over half of those who have been diagnosed with a critical illness have suffered a drop in income.
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CEO outlines new direction for AIG
6th July, 2017

After being named the new CEO of provider AIG in May, Brian Duperreault has made new plans regarding the direction of the leading insurer. The 70-year old industry veteran outlined his plans for the future
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AIG Life joins with RBS to ‘simplify’ protection for customers
6th July, 2017

Provider AIG Life has become the new sole provider for protection for Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster NI banking customers. The merger has become part of an agreement between AIG and RBS to create a simple protection proposition
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Half of business owners lack instructions in their will
6th July, 2017

According to L&G’s “State of the Nation” report, 51% of SME owners lack instructions in their will or any special arrangements regarding shares. The survey looked at over 800 SMEs, revealing some significant gaps in both knowledge and prote
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Women not saving and unlikely to cope without income
19th June, 2017

A CEO of Lloyds has highlighted that despite representing up to 80% of global consumer spending, women in their 30s would not survive a month if they were without their regular source of income.
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Government consider increase in probate fees
19th June, 2017

An increase in probate fees is being considered that would affect many people financially. Although originally proposed by David Cameron’s government, the current administration remains undecided as to whether to go forward with the increase
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Scottish Widows enhance protection proposition
12th June, 2017

Scottish Widows has improved its cover options by joining Synaptic Webline’s Multi Benefit service. This will help advisers protect clients by offering bespoke solutions to their individual protection needs.
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Claim stats released by Royal London
12th June, 2017

Royal London has become the latest provider to release their 2016 claim statistics. 97.3% of all claims, totalling over £331m, were paid to policyholders last year.
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AIG has redefined its Low Start products after feedback from advisers.
12th June, 2017

AIG has now been renamed Life Start and CIC Start with premiums starting on average at 30% lower than AIG’s level term assurance and critical illness cover with term assurance.
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Aviva launch wellbeing app
31st May, 2017

Aviva have become another provider to utilise the latest technology and launch an app to help customers track and improve their health. Aviva Wellbeing will also support customers in managing specific illnesses and fitness priorities
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Zurich sign up to funeral pledge
31st May, 2017

Several providers have already confirmed they will offer advance payments of life insurance to bereaved families. The pledge was created to help with costs such as funerals and tax, which families can be burdened with soon after the death a loved one
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Mortgage debt higher than the average life insurance pay out
31st May, 2017

The average life insurance claim pay out was £75,000 in 2016, substantially lower than the average mortgage debt of £119,937 in January 2017. People could be underinsured by an average of £44,937, when compared against their mortgage debt.
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Life Cover early payment announced by LV
5th May, 2017

The leading provider will provide the initial cover within 24 hours of claim. This is offered to all claimants who qualify, supporting the work carried out by the Protection Distributors Group’s Funeral Pledge.
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The hidden truth about claim statistics
5th May, 2017

Aegon’s customer and consumer panel has revealed that a surprising four out of every five people (83%) that purchased protection policies, were unaware that providers even publish claim statistics.
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Royal London Launches Life Cover for Diabetics
5th May, 2017

Royal London has launched a new Life Cover proposition to help this group of more than 4 million people. The long-awaited cover has been created for those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
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Michael Buble's Son Noah in remission from Liver Cancer
19th April, 2017

Michael Bublé son Noah is now 'cancer free' after going in to remission from Liver Cancer
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Aegon offers key person replacement service
19th April, 2017

To help business owners in the UK, Aegon has launched a key person replacement service
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Vitality Launches Cancer Relapse Benefit
19th April, 2017

Leading provider Vitality has made some key changes to its Serious Illness cover. These include new conditions and definitions, multiple claims for heart attack and the recently launched Cancer Relapse Benefit.
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Bereavement Benefit Cuts Come into Effect
3rd April, 2017

It is predicted that grieving parents will be about £12,000 worse off under the new Bereavement Support Payment.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Half of women unprotected
22nd March, 2017

Aegon’s “Protection Matters” survey asked over 2,000 working women about their level of cover. This revealed that nearly half had no protection in place, with 10% of those that did have cover receiving it automatically through their employer.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Resurgence for Relevant life Cover
2nd March, 2017

Leading provider Legal and General have announced significant growth in one of their unsung products, Relevant Life Plans. According to figures from 2016, the provider in fact saw a 21% increase in take up for the product.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Protecting Generation Rent
20th February, 2017

With people renting for longer as a result of upward pressure on house prices, more focus has been placed on unprotected tenants. Research revealed that due to a lack of protection, millions are vulnerable to being evicted and financial difficulty
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Vitality reward healthy lifestyles
3rd February, 2017

Vitality is once again leading the way in encouraging an active lifestyle through their policies. Through various campaigns, Vitality has developed their proposition to help people pursue a healthy and active life by offering a variety of discounts.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: AIG unveil the Spencer Family
17th January, 2017

Leading provider AIG Life has launched a new campaign: The Spencer Family, to help advisers illustrate how protection affects families under different circumstances when talking to clients about their cover.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: 2016 ends on a high note
4th January, 2017

With 2016 under wraps, we can afford to look back at what was an important year for protection. Here are three of the big stories to emerge in a year that saw growth, change and even more added value for policyholders:
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Millions of women lack financial safety net
5th December, 2016

One of the biggest worries among women is the inability to support themselves or their family financially. The survey was made to match the priorities of women with their financial plans, which revealed some big differences.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin: Aviva launch new Protect+
18th November, 2016

After acquiring Friends Life in 2015, provider Aviva has finally announced the full integration of the Friends life proposition, releasing a whole new range of protection products for customers.
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Life and Critical Illness Bulletin
2nd November, 2016

Vitality introduce Active Rewards Provider Vitality has launched their Active Rewards campaign, which can offer discounts on wearable technology, such as the apple watch for those who actively look after their health.
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Critical Illness Bulletin: Have you checked your policy lately?
17th October, 2016

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Critical illness provider Zurich has asked customers to check their policy, to make sure they are getting the most out of their cover and not missing out on valuable benefits.
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Calls for ‘funeral payment pledge’
3rd October, 2016

The rising costs of funerals in the UK have been well documented in recent years. Research from Sun Life reveals that in most cases the cost has increased by 5% in the last year alone, climbing close to an average of £4,000.
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Aegon raise awareness of Organ Donation Week
16th September, 2016

Leading provider Aegon UK have highlighted the urgent need for more organ donors as part of their backing of Organ Donation Week. The insurer promoted the event, not least because of the importance of raising awareness of organ donation to save lives
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AIG unlock the key to making Critical Illness simple
26th August, 2016

AIG Life are launching a simplified critical illness offering to cover three main conditions only, "Key3" is a simpler form of Critical Illness cover, which pays out a lump sum on diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke.
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Summer Sale from Aegon
1st August, 2016

Aegon Family Income Benefit Summer Sale
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Extra Care from Friends Life
5th July, 2016

Leading provider Friends Life has built on their already valuable policy benefits, such as their access to Best Doctors, to bring clients Extra Care Cover as well.
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Zurich revamps critical illness proposition
20th June, 2016

After a strong 2016 for protection sales, with record highs not seen in the industry since 2012, providers are building on the success and improving their offering further on several policies.
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Free Will - How can intestacy be avoided?
1st June, 2016

A worrying announcement from Citizens Advice has revealed that the number of people dying without a will has doubled over the last five years alone.
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2015 breaks protection records
1st June, 2016

Life insurance and income protection, is currently being paid out every single day to those in need of a financial safety net in the event of safety net in the event of serious illness, injury or even death.
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Aegon UK offers more than just financial support
5th May, 2016

Provider Aegon UK has launched a new health and wellbeing support service, delivering added value to consumers and offering much needed help during difficult times.
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How did providers perform in 2015?
25th April, 2016

Two of the UK’s leading protection providers have announced their claim and pay-out statistics for the whole of last year, highlighting increasing reliability for consumers.
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Are state benefits becoming inadequate to cover rising funeral costs?
18th April, 2016

A continued increase in the cost of a funeral in the UK, coupled with an erosion of state funeral grants, is pushing many families into debt and causing distress, according to a report by MPs.
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Legal and General improve terminal illness cover
30th March, 2016

Terminal illness cover is an often overlooked part of life cover, but can make a huge difference to families during a difficult time. Fortunately, Legal and General have upgraded their terminal illness cover, removing the final 12 months exclusion
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Will 2016 be the year of Business Protection?
3rd March, 2016

2015 saw the industry working hard to raise awareness of the benefits and the need for Business Protection and Relevant life amongst consumers.
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How did whole of life fare in 2015?
16th February, 2016

Whole of life cover is thriving in the current market with a general resurgence of sales over the last 12 months, compared to its cousin; term assurance life cover.
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LV rises to protection challenge
10th February, 2016

Leading provider LV has become the final insurer to make changes to its critical illness plan in accordance with the 2014 Statement of Best Practice from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
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AIG lays down challenge on critical illness
21st January, 2016

The close of 2015 saw one of the strongest enhancements to critical illness cover from any provider, as AIG made a series of big improvements to their plan for Term Assurance.
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3 protection trends to look out for in 2016
4th January, 2016

With 2015 being another year of challenges and change for the industry, we look at 3 top trends that could change the way providers offer critical illness and life insurance policies in 2016 and how you can directly engage with your policy.
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Providers expand Critical Illness cover for 2016
17th December, 2015

Several providers have expanded and enhanced their critical illness proposition to make it the most comprehensive offering they can for 2016, as well as ensuring the cover options and illness definitions are clear and easy to understand
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Movember puts focus on Critical Illness
4th December, 2015

The opening of the first door on the advent calendar also marked the close of another successful Movember. Now also a world-leading charity changing the “face of men’s health”
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AIG Life Adds Care Cover to Whole of Life Insurance
16th November, 2015

AIG Life has launched a Whole of Life insurance policy intended to protect the assets of customers if they are no longer able to live independently.
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Why you might consider placing a life insurance policy in trust
3rd November, 2015

A Life Insurance policy is a good way to protect your loved ones financially if the worst was to happen. But for some, it might also be important to put the policy into trust. So what is a trust, and why should you consider it when buying cover?
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Rising cost of funerals highlights the need for protection
23rd October, 2015

A study by Life and Pensions Group Royal London has found that the average cost of a funeral in the UK has now reached £3,700, marking a near 4% increase since 2014.
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Breast Cancer most common cause for female critical illness claims
6th October, 2015

Two of the protection industry’s biggest providers have released figures that reveal breast cancer alone accounted for four in ten critical illness claims by females in 2014.
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Choosing the Right Cover for You
21st September, 2015

Choosing the right protection for your needs is a decision that needs careful attention. But knowing which types of cover are available is just as important before you consider getting that peace of mind. So what types of cover are there?
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Providers see rise in Relevant Life Plans
8th September, 2015

Relevant life plans are a great way for business owners to get tax relief on life insurance by putting the payments through their business. Savings can be huge and this has created a surge in requests. Please call for a quote directly on 01202 714172
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Will Power
17th August, 2015

According to recent research, 57% of us do not currently have a Will. Generally, the older people are the more likely they are to write one, but the sooner pen is put to paper, the better.
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Ensuring a bright future for Whole of Life
12th August, 2015

Permanent life insurance typically falls into two categories: fully underwritten policies called whole of life (WOL) and over 50s plans. Both can be used to cover funeral costs and contribute towards initial expenses.
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OneFamily provides more for less
16th July, 2015

OneFamily offers a surprisingly comprehensive protection plan for over 50s. Including, support services, an optional £250 contribution towards funeral costs and even looking after the customer’s family as well.
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Life Cover Leads to Loyalty
30th June, 2015

Research by Canada Life Group Insurance has revealed that roughly two in five employees in the UK do not have any form of Life Insurance. This could amount to as many as 12 million people not having sufficient cover in place to protect their family
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Life Insurance costs less than you may think
16th June, 2015

A survey by Sun Life has revealed that on average consumers assume the price of Life Insurance to be nearly 400% above the actual cost, a shock even to those in the industry.
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Parents Prefer Protection
1st June, 2015

Research from leading provider Aviva has shown that over one in four (42%) of parents have taken out Life Cover, with 20% also taking the step to create a will.
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Friends Life team up with Best Doctors
18th May, 2015

Friends Life have announced that customers will now have the option to access some of the best medical treatment from around the globe. Also accessible for the policyholder’s children, Global Treatment will pay for advice, treatment and other costs
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Life insurance boost for LV
6th May, 2015

Despite Liverpool Victoria suffering a slight fall in General Insurance sales in the first quarter of 2015, the Bournemouth-based insurance provider has seen a significant increase in Life Insurance and retirement revenue.
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Providers Proud to Publish
15th April, 2015

Steve Casey, head of marketing & propositions at AIG Life, said that ‘the percentage paid figures are higher than last year‘. ‘These statistics continue to dissolve the myth that insurance companies avoid paying out on policies‘.
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Bright Grey Offers a Helping Hand
30th March, 2015

Research from leading insurance provider Bright Grey has suggested that nearly two-thirds of people would take the opportunity to get an alternative assessment when diagnosed by a medical professional.
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Serious illness brings Whole of Life into focus
16th March, 2015

Whole of Life cover is usually considered the policy better suited to the older generation. However taking advantage of good health early in life to protect your long-term future is extremely cost effective.
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Spring comes early for Whole of Life
2nd March, 2015

After a decline in recent years, Whole of Life (WoL) is back in business, becoming the policy of choice for many consumers looking for that definitive peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.
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Fear for jobs In Aviva-Friends merger
19th January, 2015

Aviva's chief executive, Mark Wilson, has warned of likely job losses following the company's £5.2 billion takeover of rival firm Friends Life.
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Friends Life warning to insurers ahead of claim statistics report
5th January, 2015

Head of Friends Life underwriting, Chris Pollard, has alerted protection providers to the unintended consequences of publishing their annual claim statistics.
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Insurance sales back for British banks
23rd December, 2014

UK bank branches have slowly started selling insurance again for the first time since the £21billion consumer mis-selling scandal. Chief Executive of insurer Aviva PLC, Mark Wilson, states that the company's sales of general and life insurance
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No bonuses for FCA executives following life insurance probe
16th December, 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority has scrapped bonuses for some senior executives amid criticism into their handling of publicity surrounding a life insurance review in March this year.
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Aviva agrees takeover of Friends Life in £5.6bn deal
1st December, 2014

Aviva has made a preliminary deal to purchase rival company Friends Life – a purchase that reflects the changing shape of the British insurance industry since George Osborne unveiled his pension reforms earlier this year. The £5.6bn deal will be t
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12% drop in pension sales not a concern for Friends Life
17th November, 2014

Insurance giant, Friends Life, has said it is delighted with the 12% drop in pension sales during the first nine months of 2014 following the government's planned retirement savings rules overhaul earlier in the year.
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Free life cover for new parents
13th November, 2014

Insurance giant Legal & General have become the latest company to offer free life insurance for new parents. The provider is offering £10,000 worth of cover for one year to new parents aged between 18 and 45 – ideal for both single parents and
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Cheap life insurance and how to obtain it
29th October, 2014

It is possible to save thousands of pounds by buying life insurance in the right way and there are some relatively simple measures that can be taken to get the best value for money.
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Critical illness protection - forgotten part of life insurance cover?
6th October, 2014

Millions of British families are without the financial safety net that critical illness cover provides should one or both parents become seriously ill and are unable to work.
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Financial Conduct Authority urge 'death bond' investors to complain
1st October, 2014

City watchdog, the FCA, has said that those who invested in so-called 'death bonds' from a fund called EEA Life Settlements have probably been mis-sold to and should lodge an official complaint.
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Friends Life searching for international arm buyer
1st October, 2014

Insurance giant Friends Life has appointed Goldman Sachs to find a buyer for its international arm as the company’s focus shifts back to UK business.
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UK insurance sell-offs a possibility following regulatory probe
8th September, 2014

A recent probe into old life insurance policies could encourage companies to sell off parts of their businesses after details leaked into the media caused insurers’ share prices to plummet.
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Call for life insurance reviews
1st September, 2014

There has been a call for families to carry out a review of their life insurance provision after official figures from HMRC revealed that some are being hit with huge inheritance tax bills.
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Life insurance and the options available
29th August, 2014

Life insurance is one of the UK's most commonly bought protection products with more than 800,000 policies taken out in 2013.
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Barclays simplified high street life insurance product
20th August, 2014

Barclays has launched a straightforward life insurance product this month
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£10 monthly payments possible looking online
13th August, 2014

Many people underestimate the huge benefits that having life insurance can bring their loved ones if they die.
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UK Life Insurance Customers Prefer To Buy Online
4th August, 2014

According to the latest survey of UK life insurance and pensions customers, people are choosing to purchase their insurance through digital channels – but still prefer face-to-face contact when seeking financial advice.
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UK life insurance business continues to plummet
29th July, 2014

UK life insurance business volumes have fallen for a second successive quarter while profitability has also declined during the same period, according to a recent CBI survey,
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Life Insurance Not Readily Available To Kidney Donors
22nd July, 2014

Despite passing a plethora of rigorous tests and generally being healthier than the average person, those who have donated a kidney struggle to find life insurance policies post surgery according to a new study.
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Bank of England asks insurers how they will cope with pensions reform
14th July, 2014

Andrew Bulley, director of life insurance at the Bank of England, has asked all insurance companies how they plan to cope next year following George Osborne’s pension reforms.
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UK ahead of America in race for Chinese insurer investment
14th July, 2014

China's largest life insurance company has paid out £795million to acquire an office tower in London's Canary Wharf.
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Consumers want help to access digital life insurance
25th June, 2014

UK life insurance consumers would purchase their policy online if there was a guarantee they would receive professional advice over the internet, according to a consumer study by PwC.
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Life Insurance Pay-Outs And How To Use Them
9th June, 2014

Life insurance is a very important product which offers financial assistance to grieving families in times of need; few people, however, know how to use the money paid out from an insurance claim
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Aviva annuity sales hit by pensions reform
2nd June, 2014

Market leader Aviva has described its performance as 'calm and stable' despite a slump in annuity shares and a notable decline in its UK life insurance business
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Mortgage holders with no life insurance!
30th May, 2014

Around half of all mortgage holders in the UK are without any form of life insurance, research has revealed. Home-owners who choose not to take out a policy risk losing their biggest asset if the unforeseen were to happen
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Savers Free To Withdraw From Poor Pension And Insurance Investments
8th May, 2014

30 million insurance policies, pensions, and investment bonds that were sold pre millennium are to be at the centre of a city watchdog enquiry following concerns that loyal policyholders are being exploited.
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Legal & General remains broker's top choice for life insurance
28th April, 2014

The German bank Berenberg has named Legal & General as the 'top pick' in the life insurance sector following the recent government shake-up of the UK savings and annuity market.
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Life insurers lobby financial regulators over pension plans
31st March, 2014

Life insurance executives are urging governing bodies to intervene after George Osborne’s decision to shake-up pensions.
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Life insurance shares hit by Budget measures
24th March, 2014

Shares in life insurance plummeted on Wednesday after chancellor George Osborne announced a government decision to do away with mandatory annuities.
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Invest in life insurance and protect your family's future
20th March, 2014

According to recent studies, it can take the average family up to five years to find their financial footing once a breadwinner has passed away – and a lot can happen in that time. Investing in life insurance allows your family to carry on with the
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Stoptober aims to reduce smoking rates in the UK
8th October, 2013

The UK is scheduled to engage in "Stoptober," a national campaign intended to offer smokers the help they need to quit this habit for good. Stoptober will start at the beginning of October and will continue for 28 days...
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Bright Grey - £200 Million free critical illness giveaway
16th September, 2013

Bright grey have announced that Each life that applies for stand-alone Life Cover could be eligible for 10% of the Life Cover sum assured in Free Critical Illness Cover, for 12 months.
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To save money on life insurance cover, shop around
6th September, 2013

Consumer research has verified that during the past twelve months one in every ten British consumers has tried to save money by cancelling an insurance policy. Some of the time, the policy in question is life insurance cover.
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Survey reveals British attitudes toward life insurance costs
22nd August, 2013

According to a new research study, the price of life insurance is perceived by Britons as a major obstacle that keeps them from securing a policy.
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EU gender rules to transform life insurance rates in UK
12th August, 2013

Life insurance companies generally price their products based on perceived risk, and since women traditionally live longer than men, this has resulted in them being able to enjoy lower life insurance premiums.
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